Pictures- The municipality demolishes two houses in Jerusalem and displaces 14 individuals
November 16, 2022

On Wednesday, the occupation municipality’s bulldozers and crews demolished two houses in the city of Jerusalem, under the pretext of building without a permit.

In the village of Sur Baher, in the early morning hours, the bulldozers and the occupation forces stormed the "Al-Qaysan area" in large numbers. The forces surrounded Amir Dabash's house and the roads around it, then stormed the house and prevented its residents from moving.

Sima Dabash, the owner of the house, explained that the forces stormed the house while her child, Khalil, was getting ready to go to school, just as her husband was getting ready to go to work. As she opened one of the windows of the house, she was surprised by large numbers of forces present in the vicinity of the house from all sides, and during that they stormed the place and broke the door.

Dabash added: "Verbal altercations took place in the house, where we tried to find out what was going on and present the court's decision to postpone the demolition. We also tried to take out some of our belongings and protect my children, Khalil and Adam, but the forces did not care about anything, and forced us to leave the house immediately."

Dabash added: "The municipality workers took out some furniture and destroyed some of it, while the bulldozer demolished the house on top of the rest of the furniture.”

Dabash explained that the house was built 4 months ago, and its area does not exceed 60 square meters, and she lives in it with her family of 4 members.

On Salah El-Din Street, municipality crews, special forces, and police stormed the house of Azzam Abu Asab, stationed at its main door and prevented access to it, then the workers emptied the house, and some of them began carrying out the demolition with “manual demolition” tools, two weeks after the implementation of the demolition decision where parts of it were previously demolished.

Azzam Abu Asab explained that the municipality workers and the forces stormed the house, and assaulted those present by pushing and beating them, and detained its members inside a room.

He explained that the raid took place without prior warning, under the pretext of a court decision to fully implement the demolition, explaining that he demolished two rooms of the house at the end of last month, according to what his lawyer told him.

Abu Asab pointed out that 10 people lived in the house.

Abu Asab said that the matter did not stop at demolishing, displacing us, throwing our belongings, and vandalizing them. Rather, the forces stole 3 thousand shekels from his son's bag, 100 shekels from his daughter's locker, and an iPad, and he filed a complaint with the police about that.

He added: "The siege of the house continued from nine o'clock in the morning until 3:30 in the afternoon."