For raising the Palestinian flag…arresting and severely beating the Jerusalemite activist Mohammad Abu al-Hummos
December 11, 2022

On Saturday night, the occupation forces arrested the Jerusalemite activist Mohammad Abu al-Hummos after assaulting him with pushing and beating while he was raising the Palestinian flag in the area of Damascus Gate in Jerusalem.

While the Jerusalemite activist Abu al-Hummus was in Damascus Gate area, raising the Palestinian flag, the forces besieged him and demanded that he leave the area and take down the Palestinian flag. Then the forces took him out of the stands of Damascus Gate towards the street, assaulted him, and tried to confiscate the Palestinian flag, then arrested him. He was transferred to the detention center and then to the hospital for treatment because of the assault.

And about what happened with the activist Abu al-Hummus, he said: "I came to Damascus Gate area in response to invitations posted on social media, from the "Palestinian Community Forum in Denmark" to raise the Palestinian flag at the 75th minute of the Morocco-Portugal match in the World Cup, to remind that Jerusalem has been occupied for about 75 years, raised the Palestinian flag and stood in the area.”

He added: "While I was in the place, the forces came towards me and besieged me and demanded that I lower the Palestinian flag. While talking to them, I confirmed that there is no reason to prevent raising the Palestinian flag and marching with it in the streets, and that I do so constantly. During that, one of the soldiers informed me that I was under detention."

Abu al-Hummus continued: "While I was walking towards the detention room, the forces tried to confiscate the flag from me and prevented me from raising the Moroccan flag, and beat and pushed me during detention, and I fell to the ground and the soldiers put handcuffs on my hand, and I was forcibly dragged to the control room and from there to the police car, amid repeated assaults by beating and pushing.”

Abu al-Hummus explained that the forces did not stop beating him during the arrest and detention inside the control room and then inside the police car, as well as inside the detention center, and even while being taken from the car to the center, he was dragged to the ground because of his inability to move because of the pain, in addition to insulting him.

The activist Abu al-Hummus pointed out that he lost consciousness inside the police station, and the ambulance crews came, then released him and took him to the hospital by ambulance, and after conducting the necessary examinations, it was found that he had various bruises.

Abu al-Hummus said: "I was transferred to the hospital without my shoes, coat, and crutches that enable me to move around. With the help of Jerusalemites, I was able to go to the police station to collect my personal belongings, despite the pain I was suffering."