Clashes and arrests in Jerusalem
February 22, 2023

The national and Islamic forces in Jerusalem announced a comprehensive strike in the city of Jerusalem, on Thursday, in condemnation and rejection of the massacre committed in the city of Nablus.

On the other hand, clashes broke out Wednesday evening, in the towns of Al-Tur and Silwan in Jerusalem.

The occupation forces arrested 4 Jerusalemites from the town of Al-Tur, during the clashes in the streets of the town.

In the Bi’er Ayoub neighborhood in Silwan, the forces stormed the area and began to provoke the residents, throwing bombs heavily at the residential houses.

In the Ras al-Amoud neighborhood in Silwan, the intelligence services arrested a young man after beating him.

In the village of Issawiya, the forces arrested the boy Nasrallah Mahmoud.

The forces also arrested the two young men, Firas al-Atrash and Nour al-Shalabi, from Salah al-Din Street, and the child Younes al-Risheq.

In the town of Shu’fat, the "light rail guards" assaulted a number of school students, arrested two, and severely beat one of them.