Releasing the injured young man Rami Hammoudeh
February 26, 2023

On Sunday, the police released the wounded young man, Rami Hammoudeh, from the Shu’fat refugee camp, after arresting him on suspicion of "attempting to run over soldiers in the camp."

Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud explained that the judge decided to release the young man, Rami Hammoudeh, on condition of house arrest for a period of 10 days, a cash bail of 1,000 shekels, and a third party guarantee, pointing out that his client was presented today to the court.

On February 13th, the forces arrested Rami Hammoudeh, while he was being transferred to the hospital to receive treatment after being shot by the occupation soldiers in Shu’fat refugee camp.

The family of the young man stated in a previous interview with the Wadi Hilweh Information Center that the forces blocked the way of the ambulance that was transferring Rami to the hospital, at the entrance to Anata Street. The forces besieged and detained it for several minutes, then forced the driver to transfer Rami to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital, while an officer remained inside the ambulance and handcuffed Rami, in addition to surrounding the ambulance until it reached the hospital.

The young man, Rami Hammoudeh, was on his way to the book shop to bring a cardboard for his 7-year-old daughter, to do her homework, "A Painting of English Letters", and this coincided with the presence of the forces in the camp who shot him directly while he was driving his vehicle.

Hammoudeh was shot and underwent several surgeries. He remained under treatment and detention in the hospital. His health condition was described as difficult but stable, and today he suffers from pain due to the injury.