Pictures and details…Arresting 3 Jerusalemites…one of them targeted by a rubber bullet
March 11, 2023

On Saturday morning, the occupation forces arrested 3 Jerusalemites from Damascus Gate area in Jerusalem.

The Wadi Hilweh Information Center - Jerusalem stated that the occupation forces arrested one of the boys after targeting him with a rubber bullet, and the forces and settlers attacked him.

Regarding the details of what happened, the center explained, quoting eyewitnesses, that the occupation forces stopped Mahmoud Abdeen while he was walking in Damascus Gate area, then took him by force to the observation room. During his detention, he was beaten with rifle butts, hands and feet of the soldiers, especially on his head and back, during which screams were heard from inside the room.

The witnesses added that the boy, after leaving the observation room, was pursued by settlers upon his arrival on Sultan Suleiman Street, severely beaten and taken to the observation room again.

The soldiers also fired a rubber bullet at the boy.

Paramedics provided the boy with first aid during his arrest and detention in the observation room, while the forces prevented his transfer for treatment.

Witnesses added that the forces called the Israeli ambulance, and transferred the boy to the hospital for treatment while his hands and feet were cuffed.

On the other hand, the forces arrested a girl from Damascus Gate area, and assaulted her by pushing her.

In the morning, they arrested a boy while he was on his way to school, and severely beat him. The boy showed signs of beatings on the chest, neck and face.