Umm Tuba – The occupation municipality demolishes an apartment and gives the family two days to demolish another
March 14, 2023

On Tuesday, the occupation municipality bulldozers demolished a residential apartment for the Abu Teir family in the village of Umm Tuba in Jerusalem, while the municipality staff gave the family two days to carry out the demolition of the apartment adjacent to it, under the pretext of building without a permit.

Sami Abu Teir explained that the municipality demolished the family's residential apartment today, then withdrew from the site, and gave the family a period of two days to carry out the demolition of the apartment adjacent to it. In the case that the second apartment is not demolished, the municipality’s bulldozers will come back and carry out the demolition and a new fine will be imposed on the family for the demolition costs, in addition to the costs of the demolition of the first apartment.

Mohammad Abu Teir explained that the municipality demolished his apartment while threatening to demolish his sister's apartment, pointing out that they were built in 2021 and fully equipped, and the two families moved into the apartments about two months ago.

Abu Tair added that the total area of the building is 170 square meters for the two apartments, explaining that his family consists of 9 members, and his sister's family consists of 3 members.

Abu Teir added that the municipality summoned him for investigation last month, then the municipality issued the demolition decision for the two apartments, and demanded that he implement it within two weeks, in addition to a week to clean up the rubble.

Abu Teir explained that, through the lawyer, he demanded that the demolition decision be frozen, and he was informed that a court hearing would be held on 27/3/2023, but he was surprised by the storming of the two apartments on Tuesday, emptying them, and the forcible removal of the family from the area.

The Abu Teir family explained that the forces stormed the two apartments, forcibly removed those present, beat and pushed some of them, arrested the brother of the owner of the house, and prevented the family members from removing the contents of the two apartments.