Including a woman…. Arrests from the city of Jerusalem
June 2, 2023

On Friday, the occupation forces arrested 4 Palestinians from Jerusalem, including a woman.

The Wadi Hilweh Information Center - Jerusalem stated that the forces arrested a Jerusalemite woman from Damascus Gate area at noon, after detaining her in the area, and assaulted those present in the place to remove them from her place of detention and searched her.

The forces took the woman to the "Al-Qishla" police station for interrogation.

In the afternoon hours, the two young men, Qusai Qasrawi and Mohammad Badawi, were arrested after they were beaten and pushed.

The center added that the forces stopped the two young men while they were walking in Damascus Gate area, then took them to the "monitoring room" and beat them while searching them.

The forces also arrested a young man from Al-Wad Street after stopping and searching him while he was walking in the place.