Legal precedent…Magistrate court Judge orders the police to allow parents of detained children to attend all investigation sessions
October 13, 2013

The Magistrate court judge in Jerusalem issued a decision that requires the police investigators to allow parents of detained children and minors to attend all investigation session with their children. The lawyer of Prisoner’s Club in Jerusalem, Mufeed Al-Hajj, presented an objection to the interpretation of police investigators on the Law of the investigation with children during a hearing that was lately held for a number of detained minors that he defended. According to the investigators, parents can only attend the first investigation session with their children and then they will be investigated several times by themselves; note that the police investigator is required to formulate the reasons behind carrying on an immediate investigation session with the detained child when the parents are not present. The judge responded to Al-Hajj objection and emphasized on the importance and necessity of allowing parents of all detained children to accompany them during investigation sessions. He also confirmed that the “Law of investigating children” requires the police to allow the parents to attend all session. Lawyer Al-Hajj considered what happened on Sunday to be a legal precedent in the interest of detained children and minors. During legal follow-ups with detained children, it was clear that children confessed after the third investigation session as the investigators use illegal methods to terrify the children and force them to confess. Lawyer Al-Hajj explained that he immediately sent the judge’s decision to the Attorney General who shall circulate the decision to all police stations in Jerusalem.