Silwan: Clashes, the injury of a child and stabbing a settler
October 21, 2013

The 10-year old child Louai Hammoudeh Siam was injured on Monday night in his shoulder by shrapnel of a sound bomb during the clashes that broke out between the young men and Israeli forces in the neighbourhoods of Silwan. Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that an Israeli settler who is one of the guards of “Bet Al-Asal” settlement outpost established in the neighbourhood of Baten Al-Hawa was stabbed on Monday night. Subsequently, Special Forces individuals along with borders police, police and intelligence personnel raided the neighbourhoods of Silwan (Wadi Al-Rababe, Wadi Hilweh, Al-Bustan, Ein Al-Lozeh and Bi’er Ayoub) and clashes broke out between them and the young men. Hammoudeh Siam said that his 10-year old son was injured in his shoulder by shrapnel of a sound bomb after the Israeli forces had directly fired sound bombs towards their store in the neighbourhood of Bi’er Ayoub; note that clashes broke out in the area. Witnesses said that the Israeli forces detained 7 young men near the neighbourhood of Bi’er Ayoub and released them after checking their IDs. In a related matter, the forces arrested 28-year old Mohammad Hani Siam while being in the town of Silwan.