The arrest of 4 Jerusalemites including a child
October 29, 2013

The Israeli forces arrested 16-year old Abdulkarim Nawkad and 22-year old Shadi Al-Labban on Tuesday night while being near the African Community alley (Hosh) in the old city of Jerusalem. Witnesses said that the police arrested the young man and the child for no reason while it was really quiet in the area. In a related matter, the police extended the arrest of 55-year old Mohammad Abdeljalil Idris for 24 hours; note that he went to the police station to turn in his son Mou’ayad after the police called him up over the phone, and upon arrival the father was surprised when he was investigated and his son was released. The Israeli forces arrested 11-year old Naseem Natsheh at 9 p.m. on Tuesday night while passing by in Al-Wad Street.