Extending the arrest of 9 children and a young man
December 9, 2013

The District and Magistrate courts extended on Monday the arrest of 9 children and one young Jerusalemite for a few more days. Mohammad Mahmoud, Al-Dameer organization lawyer, said that the Magistrate court judge extended the arrest of 16-year old Salman Abulhawa and 18-year old Seif Eddin Abu Jom’a until 12/12/2013 to investigate them on charges of throwing stones and Molotov cocktails; note that the Israeli forces arrested them on Monday early morning hours after raiding their homes in the neighbourhood of Al-Tur. The police released 16-year old Mahdi Abulhawa after arresting him on Monday morning from his home in Al-Tur. Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that the general prosecution submitted on Monday a prosecutor’s permit to submit an indictment on Thursday against 7 children in the District court and they are: Mohammad Mahmoud Atoun, Ahmad Abu A’bed, Mohammad Ahmad Atoun, Louai Hamada, Suhaib Afaneh, Amir Albaseet and Mohammad Naser Abu A’bed; note that they are between 14 and 17 years of age. The indictment includes charges of throwing stones and causing injuries to one Israeli woman. Mufeed Al-Hajj, Prisoner’s Club lawyer, said that the police released on Monday Salameh Sami Shaker without presenting him to court and also released 15-year old Mohammad Abu Sneineh with a bail of 1000 NIS; note that he had submitted a request to reduce the amount from 1500 NIS to 1000 NIS. The court also extended the arrest of Obaida Amer Is’eed until the so-called “conduct office” releases his report to discuss the possibility of releasing him with a financial bail and house. The lawyer of Wadi Hilweh Information Center confirmed that there is not enough evidence to accuse his client of throwing Molotov cocktails at an Israeli vehicle.