Submitting an indictment against 7 children from Sur Baher
December 12, 2013

The general prosecution submitted on Thursday an indictment to the District court against 7 Jerusalemite children aged between 14 and 17 from the village of Sur Baher and extended their arrest until Tuesday. Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that the children are: Mohammad Mahmoud Atoun, Ahmad Abu A’bed, Mohammad Ahmad Atoun, Lou’ai Hamada, Suhaib Afaneh, Amir Al-Baseet and Mohammad Naser Abu A’bed and they are charged of throwing Molotov cocktails in the neighbourhood of Jabal Al-Mukabber to disrupt the traffic in order to throw stones at Israeli vehicles which led to the injury of an Israeli child with severe wounds in her head. At the beginning of the current month, the occupation police announced the arrest of a group of minors that are suspected of throwing stones and injuring the Israeli child; note that the chief of police Yosi Biryanti directed to work hard and arrest the suspects. According to the police statement, seven children from Sur Baher decided to meet at 4 p.m. on the 28th of November and throw stones at Israeli vehicles. After they met, they separated into two groups where one had 4 children and the other had 3 and then hid behind a wall that was very close to the street in the area. The police statement also said: “the children tasked one of them to monitor the passing vehicles and inform them of the ones driven by Israelis, and when the vehicle that was transporting the Israeli child approached, three children threw stones at it and injured the little girl and then ran away.” The second group continued throwing stones and hit a taxi that was transporting four Arab men; the taxi stopped and the men chased the children who managed to run inside the neighbourhood. After the investigation, the police said: “the children met again and decided to cover their actions after they had heard through the media that the little girl passed away. They decided to stay silent and in case they get arrested they will all say that they were at a dentist in the area which they actually went to.”