With pictures: The Martyrdom of the child Amin Sweilem from the village of Anata after being run over by a settler
December 21, 2013

The 13-year old child Amin Mousa Sweilem Al-Faqeer from the Bedouins of Al-Jahaleen in the village of Anata passed away on Friday night after being run over by an Israeli settler near the intersection of Esawyeh. The child’s uncle explained that they were informed of his nephew’s death after sunset and did not know the details of the accident. Sweilem pointed out that an Israeli settler hit Amin while he was riding a donkey and severely injured him. Amin was transferred to Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital and was announced dead later on. He pointed out that the family refused to carry out an autopsy on their son’s body and that the hospital will hand them his body on Sunday. He also noted that Amin left his residency which is located near Dahyet Al-Salam in the village of Anata in the afternoon and was riding the donkey.  




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