Releasing citizen Jamal Shqeir with a bail, house arrest and isolation conditions
December 28, 2013

The Magistrate court Judge in Bi’er Sheva decided to release 54-year old Jamal Shqeir last Friday with a bail and on conditions of house arrest and isolation from Silwan. Jamal explained that the Israeli police arrested him last Wednesday before visiting his two sons in the prison of “Bi’er Sheva- Ayshel” under the pretext of attempting to sneak in a SIM card. Jamal said: “during the search before letting me in to visit my sons Jalal and Yehya, the guard found a SIM card in my winter coat, and despite telling him that it is broken and that I had forgotten it in my coat he still shouted at me and insulted me. Verbal altercations broke out between us and my wife and children were prevented from visiting my two sons and they called the police to arrest me.” He added: “the police extended my arrest 24 hours and I was presented to court on Thursday who ratified the extension of my arrest for one more day on condition of “checking the SIM card”, and then the prosecution requested the police to check the SIM card on Friday.” Shqeir explained: “the judge decided to release me on conditions of paying a 1500 NIS bail, house arrest and isolation from my house in Silwan to the neighbourhood of Ras Al-Amood until next Monday, and preventing me from visiting my sons for 180 days along with a third party bail.” Shqeir explained that during his arrest, he was transferred to Bi’er Sheva hospital after he got poisoned by the water that he drank in the prison and said: “the taste and smell of the water is awful and it is unsuitable for human use.” It is noteworthy that the forces arrested Jalal and Yehya last August and accused them of throwing stones at an “Egged” bus.