The Israeli forces raid the sit-in tent in Sheikh Jarrah and threaten to demolish it
January 23, 2014

The Israeli forces raided the sit-in tent across from the headquarters of the Red Cross on Thursday morning and threatened to demolish it and arrest the protesters.


Jerusalemites have put up the tent on Wednesday to protest against the neglect of the international organizations towards the demolition operations carried out by the occupation municipality under the pretext of building without a permit.


Khaled Al-Zeer, one of those affected by the demolitions and protesting at the tent said: “I was surprised this morning when I arrived at the tent as it was demolished, I don’t know who did it”, knowing that he left after midnight the night before. While Al-Zeer was rebuilding the tent, the Israeli forces raided the area and checked his ID and requested him not to build it again and gave him half an hour to leave the area.


Al-Zeer said: “I will continue to protest in front of the Red Cross until they react and confront the Israeli violations that only target Jerusalemites because this is their responsibility.”