Al-Waa’ri and Al-Jibrin are victims of a settlers’ assault
April 13, 2014

Three young Jerusalemite men were injured with wounds and bruises after they were assaulted by dozens of settlers from the settlement of Pisgat Ze’ev. They are: 21-year old Abdullah Al-Jibrin, 20-year old Ehab Al-Jibrin and 20-year old Ghaleb Al-Waa’ri. Abdullah Jibrin was injured with a deep cut in his forehead which required 15 stitches in addition to wounds in his back and the rest of his body as he was attacked with a knife. Al-Waa’ri was injured in the cheek bone and Ehab was injured with several wounds and bruises. Al-Waa’ri family explained that the young men were assaulted on Friday night when they went to withdraw money from the ATM machine in the settlement of Pisgat Ze’ev that is established on the lands of Beit Hanina. A settler blocked their way and started harassing the young men while they were in the car.  Abdullah stepped outside the car and he was immediately surrounded by 30 settlers which caused the other young men to step outside the car to help Abdullah who was attacked with a knife on his face and was bleeding; they were all assaulted and beaten with knives and baton by the settlers. The family explained that a police car that was passing-by in the area dispersed the settlers using force and arrested three of them.