A series of arrests in Al-Sa’dyeh neighbourhood…extending the arrest of 5 Jerusalemite children and releasing three others
May 7, 2014

The Magistrate court judge extended on Wednesday the arrest of 5 Jerusalemite children to interrogate them and released 3 others with conditions. Mohammad Mahmoud, Al-Dameer organization lawyer, and the Prisoner’s Club lawyer, Mufeed Alhaj defended the Old City’s children. The two lawyers said that the judge extended the arrest of Hamed Tamimi, Oar Muna and Mustafa Muna until Thursday on charges of participating in the clashes that occurred at the end of last month; note that they are residents of Al-Sa’dyeh neighbourhood. The judge also extended the arrest of Ibrahim Baya’ from Shu’fat refugee camp until 11/05/2014. Conditional releases In a related matter, the judge decided to released the 14-year old Naser Jarjour at 11 p.m. on Wednesday night with a 350-NIS bail and house arrest until 09/05/2014; note that he has been detained for three days. The judge also decided to released 14-year old Mohammad Nabil Dala’ and Jamal Eyad Mizi’ro on the same conditions mentioned above. Prison sentence The Magistrate judge ordered on Wednesday the 16-year old Mohammad Tufaha to pay a fine of 3600 NIS and to compensate the settler with 2400 NIS in addition to serving a suspended probation of 5 months for three years; note that he was arrested and then released on condition of house arrest. Extending the arrest of an ill child The Magistrate judge extended the arrest of the 13-year old ill child Mohammad Abdel Hay Al-Zeer until Friday to continue interrogating him on charges of throwing stones in Silwan. The forces arrested Al-Zeer from his house in Al-Abasyeh neighbourhood in Silwan and took him to Al-Maskobyeh and interrogated him without the presence of any of his parents despite being young and the fact that he suffers from a heart disease. The Israeli police also extended the arrest of Ramadan Abu Turk; note that Ramadan was arrested from inside Al-Aqsa and refused to sign a 15-day isolation order from Al-Aqsa Mosque.  

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