The Israeli forces arrest two young men during the suppression of “Water and Salt” activity
May 26, 2014

The Israeli forces arrested on Monday Kayed Rajabi and Fadi Thaher during the suppression of an activity entitled “Water and Salt” that was organized to support the prisoners who have been on a hunger strike for 32 consecutive days. The Popular Youth Movement who organized the activity explained that the activity initiated from Salah Eddin Street and they were harassed and suppressed upon arrival to Sultan Suleiman Street in which two young men were arrested and two young women were injured with bruises. They organizers added that the participants insisted on proceeding with the activity in order to show the Jerusalemites what the prisoners who are on a hunger strike are suffering and how they are only surviving through water and salt until the prison’s administration responds to their just demands and to put an end to the “administrative arrest”. The participants raised a slogan during the activity that said “freedom for administrative prisoner” and the young men drove a vehicle that had the slogan “water and salt mean dignity”; they also handed out water and salt to remind the participants of the situation the prisoners are currently facing.  

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