Dozens break into Al-Aqsa and assaulting one of Al-Aqsa students
May 27, 2014

Dozens of extremists broke into Al-Aqsa Mosque on Tuesday morning through Dung Gate. Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that more than 70 extremists broke into Al-Aqsa Mosque through Dung Gate and were protected by the police; note that Israeli extremists groups have called to break into Al-Aqsa on Tuesday and Wednesday on occasion of the so-called “Jerusalem Day”. In a related matter, the Israeli police assaulted Abu Hani Sharif who is one of Al-Aqsa students (Masateb) and injured him in his eye. Abu Hani was transferred to the Al-Aqsa clinic for treatment and his wife Um Hani lost consciousness while her husband was assaulted. Witnesses said that Abu Hani requested one of the police individuals not to videotape the female students but instead he assaulted and severely beat him.