Clashes in the neighbourhoods of Jerusalem and the injury of four soldiers and arresting six young men
May 28, 2014

The Israeli forces arrested on Wednesday night six young Jerusalemite men from the Old City of Jerusalem. Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that the Israeli forces arrested Abdelfattah Fakhouri and Saed Fakhouri after the forces broke into their houses in the neighbourhood of Bab Hutta in which they assaulted and severely beat all family members. Violent clashes broke out in Bab Hutta in which three Israeli soldiers were injured and transferred to the hospital for treatment. In a related matter, another Israeli soldier was injured near Al-Majles Gate during clashes that broke out in the area. The Israeli forces deployed in the area and searched all the streets, neighbourhoods and the African Community Quarter. The forces also broke into Assaileh family house near Al-Majles Gate and assaulted the residents including the women and children. They forces arrested four young men from inside Al-Aqsa, near Al-Majles Gate, and severely beat them. Witnesses said that Special Forces individuals broke into Al-Aqsa through the roofs of the neighboring houses in order to execute the arrests. In a related matter, seven Israeli settlers were injured on Wednesday night with minor injuries after an “Egged” bus was hit with stones in Salah Eddin Street.