In pictures: The injury of seven Palestinian Paramedics in Jerusalem
May 28, 2014

Several paramedics were injured on Thursday while performing their duties in the streets of Jerusalem as the Israeli forces assaulted the locals to secure the settlers’ march. Mohammad Gharabli, President of the Association of Arab Federation of paramedics, said that the Israeli police deliberately used force against paramedics in order to prevent them from performing their duties and provide treatment for the injured; note that the law of the Israeli Ministry of Health requires anybody that has any experience in first aid to help and treat any injured person and so the Israeli police are violating this law. The paramedics who were injured are: Omar Obeid, Marwan Suleiman, Eyad Abu Sneineh, Mohammad Abu Sneineh, Ahd Hashimeh, Musleh Abu Hadwan and Othman Sinokrot and they were all transferred to the hospital in the Red Crescent ambulances.  

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