The Israeli forces assault al-Fakhouri family in Bab Hutta
May 29, 2014

The Israeli police released on Wednesday after midnight the 27-year old Sa’eb Abdelfattah Fakhouri after detaining him for more than two hours in Lions Gate police station due to his medical condition as he suffered several bruises and a cut in his eyelid. Large Israeli forces had broken into three houses for Fakhouri family and arrested the 29-year old Abdelfattah Ahmad Deeb Fakhouri and the 27-year old Sa’eb Abdelfattah Fakhouri and then assaulted all the family members and severely beat them. The 57-year old Ahmad Deeb Abdelfattah Fattah Fakhouri was injured with a cut in his fact and suffered bruises all over his body while he attempted to save his son from being arrested; the forces also sprayed him with pepper gas. The forces also broke in the house of 72-year old Um Deeb Fakhouri and the soldier punched her on her chest causing her to fall off the stairs of the house injuring her with bruises. A paramedic team arrived at the house and transferred her to Al-Maqased hospital in a Palestinian Red Crescent ambulance.  

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