The arrest of 47-year old Hasan Firawi
June 10, 2014

The Israeli police extended the arrest of 47-year old Hasan Firawi to present him to court on Wednesday after he was called for investigation at Al-Maskobyeh. Firawi family said that the Israeli Intelligence called Hasan and his wife to interrogate them at Al-Maskobyeh where their son Mohammad is detained since last Sunday. Hasan’s wife was interrogated for three hours regarding her son Mohammad, and Hasan was interrogated for two hours.  After the interrogation was over, the police extended the arrest of Hasan without declaring the reason. The 17-year old Mohammad Firawi is a senior student (Tawjihi) and was arrested last Sunday after finishing the Islamic Education exam as he was studying for his next exam (Arabic language) but the occupation deprived him from taking the exam and extended his arrest until Thursday.