In pictures: The Martyr’s body arrives at Lions Gate Cemetery
October 26, 2014

Around 11:24 p.m. on Sunday night, the body of the Martyr Abdulrahman Shallodi arrived at “Al-Yousefyeh Cemetery” in Lions Gate. Nearly 200 Jerusalemites were able to enter the cemetery and participate in the funeral. The Jerusalemites challenged the unjust Israeli decisions to bury the Martyr late at night with the presence of 55 people only. Immediately after the time of receiving the body was announced, the locals headed towards the cemetery to welcome the Martyr. One image that reflects that Israeli’s racism was when the judge ordered not to take the Martyr to the hospital for cleaning; note that he was cleaned in one room inside the cemetery. Chants of “God is Great” were heard as soon as the body arrived in Jerusalem and hundreds of young men were gathered near the cemetery of Lions Gate. Half an hour before the arrival of the body, the Israeli forces were stationed at the cemetery’s gates and prevented the citizens from entering; they also ordered to only have 50 of the family’s members inside the cemetery. The Martyr’s first degree family members were able to take one final look at their son in a room inside the cemetery of Lions Gate.












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