Esawyeh…Arrests and removing the posters of Martyr Fadi Alloun
October 26, 2015

The occupation forces raided on Monday night the village of Esawyeh and were deployed into its neighborhoods and also arrested four Jerusalemites after raiding their homes. Mohammad Abu Hummos, member of follow-up committee in the village of Esawyeh, explained that the occupation forces were deployed in the neighborhoods of the village and arrested four Jerusalemites after raiding their homes under the pretext of “accumulation of unpaid taxes; they are: Mohammad Obeid and his son, and Nabil Obeid and his son. Abu Hummos added that the occupation forces removed the poster of Martyr Fadi Alloun that were hung on the walls in the village and deliberately damaged them in the streets. During the raid, the forces also damaged the tires of six vehicles using sharp tools. Vehicles are owned by Mohammad Mheisen, Abed Mheisen, Away Baytouni, Samir Bujeh, Mohammad Mousa Mheisen and Mohammad Maher Mheisen. Abu Hummos pointed out that the family was gathered for a social occasion and there were no clashes in the neighborhood. He also pointed out that the forces established a checkpoint in the middle of the village and issued traffic tickets of 500 NIS for six vehicles. On the other hand, the Minister of Jerusalem Affairs, Adnan Husseini, visited the family of the Martyr Huda Darwish in the village of Esawyeh to pay his condolences.