The public prosecution withdraws the appeal submitted against Ghada Odat Allah and releasing her within hours
October 30, 2015

The Israeli prosecution decided on Thursday morning to withdraw the appeal it submitted against the 42-year old Ghada Odat Allah in which it requested to extend her arrest to continue interrogating her on charges of “intention to carry out an attack”. Al-Dameer organization lawyer, Mohammad Mahmoud, explained that the prosecution decided on Thursday morning to withdraw the appeal submitted against his client Odat Allah; she will be released within hours. The lawyer explained that the Magistrate judge decided on Wednesday to release his client Ghada but the prosecution refused the judge’s decision and requested to freeze it until they appeal it at the District court. On Thursday morning, the prosecution decided to approve the Magistrate judge’s decision to release Ghada with a third-party bail of 6 thousand NIS. Lawyer Mahmoud condemned the prosecution’s procedures and said: “The Israeli police are taking advantage of the legal procedures and delay the release of detainees”; note that Odat Allah is married and has five children. The Israeli website “Hadashot 24/7” released two days ago on its page on Facebook a picture of Ghada and claimed that he intends to carry out an attack. It requested the Israeli community to be careful and participate in identifying this woman; she was called for interrogation and extended her arrest for further interrogation.