The occupation fires tear gas canisters towards Al-Maqased hospital and several patients suffocate
December 3, 2015

The Israeli occupation targeted on Tuesday night Al-Maqased hospital with tear gas canisters which led to the panic and suffocation of several patients and visitors. The hospital’s administration explained that the occupation fired two tear gas canisters towards the hospital and reached the children’s department and the intensive care unit and led to the suffocation of several patients and visitors. A woman in the children’s department quickly threw the canister outside the department causing burns in her hand. The administration added that a state of fear and panic occurred among the patients and visitors. A statement appealed for all international and civil society commissions and human rights organizations to quickly intervene and take decisive steps to end these continuous assaults. The statement also said: “Providence and the quick action taken in dealing with canisters prevented children and patients in the ICU from suffering from severe suffocation”. The current situation needs quick action to put a quick end to the flagrant violations that ignore all international laws. It is noteworthy that the occupation forces raided the courtyard of Al-Maqased hospital and were stationed around the hospital under the pretext of looking for Molotov Cocktails-throwers.