Reapplying the life sentences on seven Palestinian prisoners
December 4, 2015

The Israeli Supreme court refused the appeal submitted by seven Palestinian prisoners that were released during the “Shalit” deal against re-arresting them and the life sentences against them. Amjad Abu Asab, head of Jerusalemites detainees and prisoners families committee, explained that the Supreme Court confirmed the life sentenced against the prisoners after refusing the appeal they submitted; 6 of the prisoners are from Jerusalem and one is from Ramallah. The prisoners are: Ala’ Eddin Bazian, Jamal Abu Saleh, Adnan Maragha, Naser Abed Rabbo, Rajab Tahan and Ismaeel Hijazi from Jerusalem and Nidal Zalloum from Ramallah. Abu Asab said: “Life sentences were reapplied against most of the prisoners in which the life senescence against them is 40 years except for Adnan Maragha who had submitted an appeal during his first arrest and the life sentence against him was set for 45 years.” In terms of years remaining for kidnapped prisoners, Abu Asab explained the number of years each prisoner spent as follows: Hijazi spent 4 years, Abu Saleh spent 23 years, Tahan spent 13 years, Essawi spent 10 years, Maragha spent 22 years, Bazian spent 26 years and Abed Rabbo spent 23 years. Abu Asab also explained that the occupation arrested a group of prisoners released among the “Shalit” deal after a group of settlers were kidnapped in June 2014.