A rubber bullet causes the child Ahmad Abu Hummos to lose his eye, movement and speech
January 30, 2016

The 12-year old Ahmad Abu Hummos is currently at “Aline hospital for rehabilitation therapy” after being injured by a rubber bullet that cause him to lose movement and speech. Abu Hummos was injured by a rubber bullet in his head on the 6th of January that also caused him fractures in the skull and severe bleeding; he was injured while walking in the main street of the village of Esawyeh. Tawfiq Abu Hummos, the child’s father, explained that his son underwent a surgery to stop the bleeding. Fractured skull bones were also removed and the child remained unconscious for two weeks. It was later revealed that the bullet caused him to lose speech and ability to respond to the surrounding effects; he is also unable to move his left limbs; note that the bullet hit the left side of his brain. In regards to heading, the extent of damage was not yet determined. The child is also unable to concentrate with his eyes. The child’s father added that his son is being fed through a feeding tube and can only minced food.