Pictures…Silwan: The occupation demolishes a house and injures 5 young men with rubber bullets and pepper gas
March 1, 2016

The occupation municipality’s bulldozers demolished on Tuesday morning a residential house in the neighborhood of Wad Yasoul in Silwan under the pretext of building without a permit. Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that the occupation forces raided Wad Yasoul around 5 a.m. and were deployed in the neighborhood and closed the roads leading to it while occupation soldiers along with police dogs raided the house of late Yousef Abed Sumrein which is still under-construction; after searching the house the bulldozer was brought to execute the demolition. Mohammad Shweiki, Deputy Secretary General of the Organizing Committee of Fateh movement in Silwan, explained that the occupation soldiers raided the neighborhood of Wad Yasoul and surrounded the house of Yousef Sumrein to demolish it. Shweiki explained that the 100-square meters house is still under construction. Sumrein started building before passing away in September 2015; they also demolished the wall surrounding the house. Shweiki added that the family of Sumrein consists of 8 individuals (his wife and 7 children where the oldest is 20 and youngest is 3); one of Yousef’s sons is under arrest. Assaults and injuries Occupation soldiers assaulted the neighbors during the raid and fired rubber bullets towards them and also sprayed them with pepper gas to prevent them from approaching the “area of demolition”. Shweiki also explained that 5 young men were injured with rubber bullets, burns and suffocation. They are: Mohammad Yousef Sumrein (rubber bullet in the chest), Ahmad Awad (rubber bullet in the shoulder), Abu Yousef Sumrein, Khaled Shweiki and Izz Sumrein suffocated due to pepper gas. The Information Center was also informed that Mohammad Yousef Sumrein suffered broken ribs and bruises in the lung after being directly targeted with a rubber bullet in the chest.   12810026_10153303166267466_882699268_o 12769528_10153303212067466_1623315264_n 12804138_10153303165917466_91918009_n 12788372_10153303166117466_1636319434_o 12788295_10153303166222466_2042052570_n 12788246_10153303165902466_2129825412_n 12788029_10153303165967466_1444753738_n 12784351_10153303166052466_872838139_n 12782121_10153303166017466_546614059_n 12773428_10153303166282466_2136375575_o 12773140_10153303166162466_1360096365_o 12769378_10153303166187466_1206065667_n 12721729_10153303166302466_1687564402_n