The occupation arrests two minors on suspicion of stabbing a settler in Jerusalem
January 31, 2016

The occupation forces arrested on Saturday night two Jerusalemite children on suspicion of stabbing a settler in the area of Damascus Gate in Jerusalem.

The occupation police said they arrested two children and transferred them to interrogation; they were arrested based a picture of one of the suspects that was with the cameras of police.

One settler was wounded in his back after being stabbed in the area of Damascus Gate.

Occupation police were heavily deployed in the streets of the Old City of Jerusalem and surrounding streets (Sultan Suleiman, Al-Musrara, Nablus and Salah Eddin) and searched young men and children and checked their IDs. They also closed the gates of the Old City especially Damascus, Herod’s and Jaffa.

Witnesses explained that the occupation forces established a mobile checkpoints in the areas of Al-Tur and “French Hill” and at the entrances of Silwan and stopped vehicles and checked passengers’ IDs.