Prison sentences, arrests and releases
March 29, 2016

The District and Magistrate judges sentenced on Tuesday a young man and a child for actual imprisonment and imposed fines on them.

Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud explained that the Magistrate judge sentenced the child Mohammad Tufaha for 8 months of actual imprisonment and a 5-thousand NIS fine and 1000 NIS as compensation for the settler.

In the same context, the District judge sentenced Shadi Alayan for 24 months of actual imprisonment, a suspended probation of 12 months for three years and a 1500-NIS fine.

On the other hand, the forces arrested on Tuesday the 17-year old Nasim Abu Sneineh from the neighborhood of Beit Hanina north of Jerusalem.

The forces also arrested 42-year old Faraj Da’na and his 20-year old son Ahmad and the 62-year old Najib Qawasmi after raiding and searching his home; they are all from Ein Al-Lozeh in Silwan.

Witnesses explained that the forces raided the courtyard of Al-Maqased hospital in the morning hours and arrested 32-year old Yousef Abulhawa while he was in the canteen outside the hospital.

Extensions of arrest

The judge extended the arrest of Bara’ Mahmoud until 24/5/2016, Eyad Shweiki until completing the legal procedures against him, Adham Ja’abees until 2/6/2016, Yazan Abu Asab and Mo’men Mahmoud indefinitely, Mouath Abed Rabbo until 3/4/2016, Salameh Obeid and Abed Abu Sneineh until 4/4/2016 and Daoud Abu Sbitan until 23/5/2016.

The judge also scheduled a hearing session for the children Majd Mustafa, Yehya Dirbas, Mohammad Obeid and Hani Naser on 11/7/2016.

Extensions of arrest for sentencing

Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud added that the judge extended the arrest of the children Mohammad Sa’eedeh, Mufeed Sa’eedeh and Ahmad Sa’eedeh until 14/4/2016; Emad Bakri, Wahid Bakri and Mahdi Syaj until 16/5/2016 and Daoud Mheisen until 31/5/2016 for sentencing.


The lawyer also added that the District judge decided to release the child Omar Abu Ishaq with a 1500-NIS bail, house-arrest for 3 days and a third-party bail. It is noteworthy that the Magistrate judge decided to release the child with the above mentioned conditions but the police decided to appeal the decision at the District court which rejected the appeal.