Pictures: Occupation authorities demolish parts of Qassas family house in Bet Jala
September 27, 2016

The occupation municipality’s bulldozers demolished on Tuesday parts of the house of Saeed Qassas in the city of Bet Jala south of Jerusalem near “Gilo” settlement.

The owner, Saeed Qassas, explained that municipality crews along with bulldozers and Israeli forces raided his house on Tuesday afternoon and evacuated the residents by force and prevented them from emptying the house from its contents; municipality employees took out some items and demolished the house on top of the rest.

Qassas explained that the bulldozers demolished parts of the house (nearly 80 square meters) that were built 18 years ago; 8 individuals including one child live in the house.

Qassas also explained that the occupation municipality raided his house in 2014 and started harassing the family by imposing fines on them that reached up to 21 thousand NIS. The family was committed to paying the fine and was able to postpone the demolition order. During last Ramadan, municipality crews raided the area again and took pictures of the parts that were added to the house and demolished them today without prior notice.