Pictures and details: The Jerusalemites Alon and Jaber self-demolish their homes in execution of the municipality’s order
September 28, 2016

The Jerusalemites Rami Alon and Emad Jaber self-demolished their homes in the neighborhood of Ashqaryeh in Beit Hanina north of Jerusalem following an order issued by the occupation municipality.

Emad Jaber

Emad Jaber explained that he was forces to lease a bulldozer on Wednesday to self-demolish his house following an order made by the occupation municipality.

Jaber explained that his 80-square meters house was built in 2006 and consists of three rooms and their facilities. Emad, his wife and their four children lived in the house.

After Jaber had finished building his house 10 years ago, municipality crews raided his home and requested him to come to the municipality’s headquarters in West Jerusalem. Upon arrival, he was handed and “administrative demolition order” that he was able to postpone several times. Five months ago, the court issued a decision to demolish his home and gave him until 28/9/2016 to execute the demolition or the municipality will demolish it on his expense and impose a 70-80 thousand NIS fine on him.

Jaber also explained that the municipality imposed two building violation fines on him; one was 45 thousand NIS and the other was 22 thousand NIS.

Rami Alon

Rami Alon continued to self-demolish his home as the municipality gave him until the end of the current month to execute the demolition.

Alon explained that his house was built in 2013 and he lives there with his wife and 7 children. The house is 350 square meters and consists of two floors.

Alon added that the municipality imposed a 117-thousand NIS building violation fine on him. He attempted to obtain a license for his house but the municipality rejected his request and issued a decision to demolish it; the Magistrate, District and Supreme Courts ratified the municipality’s decision.

While demolishing his house, Alon was injured with fractures in his leg after a pole fell on him.