Silwan: Violent clashes…arresting five young men
November 27, 2017

The occupation forces raided on Monday early morning the neighborhoods of Abu Tayeh and Al-A’war in Silwan and arrested five young men after storming their houses.

Shireen Abu Al-Hammam explained that the occupation forces raided her house and arrested her husband Arafat Abu Al-Hammam and their sons Mohammad and Shadi after assaulting and severely beating them.

She added that the forces raided her house and detained her on the balcony during which she heard her sons scream as they were detained inside the house. After arresting her husband and sons, she noticed blood on the wall.

The forces also raided Al-A’war neighborhood in Silwan and arrested Mohammad Abdel Min’em Al-A’war after assaulting and pushing his parents.

Witnesses explained that violent clashes broke out in Abu Tayeh neighborhood during which the forces randomly fired sound grenades and rubber bullets.