Occupation forces arrest three children from the village of Al-Tur
November 27, 2017

The occupation forces arrested on Monday three children from the village of Al-Tur east of the Old City of Jerusalem.

Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud said the children are: Sari Sami Abulhawa (14), Mahmoud Mohammad Hadreh (14) and Na’eem Ibrahim Ashayer (11).

In a related matter, the occupation authorities released on Monday afternoon Arafat Abu Al-Hammam, his brother Amer and son Shadi on condition of house-arrest for 4 days, a 1000-NIS bail and a 5000-NIS third-party bail.

The occupation authorities extended the arrest of Mohammad Abdel Min’em Al-A’war and Mohammad Arafat Abu Al-Hammam until Sunday; they were arrested in the early morning hours after assaulting and severely beating them.