Occupation forces turn the village of Esawyeh into a military zone
January 24, 2018

On Wednesday, the Israeli occupation forces transformed the village of Esawyeh into a military zone, after raiding it several times and spreading barricades at its entrances. Also, municipality crews and employees of the Nature and Parks Authority as well as the Antiquities department raided the village.

Mohammed Abu Hummos, member of the follow-up committee in the village of Esawyeh, said that the Israeli occupation forces chased a vehicle in the streets of the village which was coming from Al-Z’ayem checkpoint. 

He added that the vehicle was transporting a group of workers from the West Bank who tried to escape from the occupation soldiers inside the village. 
He added that the Israeli occupation forces arrested three workers from inside a kindergarten in the village. They searched the vehicle thoroughly and confiscated it after more than two hours, during which a police helicopter flew over the village. 

During the course of the operation, the soldiers randomly fired sound grenades in the schools street concurrently while students were leaving their schools. They arrested a 10 year old student and released him about half an hour later after he was taken and detained at the entrance to the village; they also arrested Eyas Obeid. 

Abu Hummos added that the forces raided the village again in the afternoon and were deployed in the streets and at the entrances. Abu Hummos pointed out that municipality crews, Nature and Parks Authority employees and Antiquities department raided the village in the morning especially the area at risk of being confiscated in favor of “National Parks”, and took pictures of the area.