Arrests and isolations from Al-Aqsa Mosque
February 20, 2019

The occupation forces arrested three Jerusalemites from the Old City and the village of Esawyeh on Wednesday early morning.
Wadi Hilweh Information Center said that the occupation forces arrested the Jerusalemite activist Mohammad Shalabi after breaking into his home in the Old City, Majd Marwan Dari and Ahmed Derbas from the village of Esawyeh.
Late in the evening on Tuesday, violent clashes broke out in Esawyeh between the young men and the occupation forces, and the forces arrested Mohammad Ayman Obeid and beat him severely.
Al Aqsa Mosque
Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud said today that the Israeli police has not issued any decision on the detainees who were arrested in the courtyards of Al-Aqsa Mosque yesterday. They are still being held in detention centers.
Yesterday, the Israeli occupation forces attacked dozens of worshipers of women, boys and young men and severely beaten them after the end of the Night prayer at the closed door of Al-Rahmeh Gate.
According to eyewitnesses, dozens of soldiers, police and special forces accompanied by officers stormed Al-Aqsa after the end of the Night prayer, and assaulted the worshipers at Al-Rahmeh Gate and severely beat them. They evacuated the courtyards of Al-Aqsa from all worshipers, and then imposed a siege on the mosque to prevent entry.
The witnesses added that the Israeli occupation forces detained dozens of young men for more than two hours in the area of Al-Rahmeh Gate, and then arrested 22 youths and turned them to the interrogation centers in the city of Jerusalem.
Bahjat Al-Razem, was wounded in the forehead while the director of the prisoner’s club, Naser Qos, was injured with bruises and fainted.
Lawyer Mohammed Mahmoud confirmed that all detainees were severely beaten during detention.
He explained that the police released the injured Bahjat Al-Razem and he was transferred from Al-Qishla police station by ambulance to Shaare Zedek hospital. The lawyer visited him and he was suffering from difficult health conditions because of the wounds and various bruises, pointing out that the police released him on condition of attending an investigation.
Detainees (minors):
1. Reda Ehab Najib
2. Hammam Mohammad Husseini
3. Mohammad Imad Maatouk
4. Zaid Osama Ghorab
5. Ahmed Ibrahim Abu Ghannam
6. Mahmoud Nidal Zghayyar
Detainees (youths):
1. Mohammed Ayman Abu Shousha
2. Hamza Bader Zghayyar 
3. Ahmed Rukon
4. Yaccoub Dabbagh
5. Anas Abu Hummos 
6. Murad Basem Misk
7. Omar Basem Zghayyar
8. Mohammed Nasser Abu Quaider
9. Hesham Bashiti
10. Omar Odeh
11. Mohammed Alami
12. Hamza Malhas
13. Islam Zghayyar 
14. Tawfiq Najib
Releases and isolations from Al-Aqsa Mosque 
The Israeli occupation police released four Palestinians yesterday, on condition of banning them from entering Al-Aqsa Mosque for two weeks.
The information center added that the Israeli occupation police released Mrs. Um Tariq Raoud, Samah Mahameed and Islam Manasra on condition of being isolated from Al-Aqsa for two weeks. The police also released activist Nitham Abu Rammouz on condition of isolation from Al-Aqsa until 25/2/2019 and to attend an investigation again immediately after the isolation period is over. It is noteworthy that the police arrested them as soon as they left Lions Gate- one of the Al-Aqsa gates.
The Israeli occupation police also banned the Jerusalemites Mohammad Dakkaq from entering Al-Aqsa Mosque until 25/2/2019, and to attend an investigation as soon as this period is over. He said that the forces arrested him after breaking into his home in Al-Thori neighborhood in Silwan, and confiscated some of his personal items.