Arrests…sit-ins and prayers in the area of Al-Rahma Gate in Al-Aqsa Mosque
February 21, 2019


On Thursday evening, the occupation forces arrested four Jerusalemites from different areas of Jerusalem.

Nasser Qos, director of the Prisoner's Club in Jerusalem, said that the Israeli forces arrested Fadi Mattour, Hijazi Abu Sbeih, Jihad Qos, and Murad Mask.

The occupation forces stormed the village of Esawyeh, and the member of the follow-up committee in the village Mohammed Abu Hummus said that large forces stormed the streets and randomly fired sound grenades.

On the other hand, the sit-in continued in the courtyard of Al-Rahma Gate. Hundreds of worshipers performed the Noon, Afternoon, Evening and Night prayers in the courtyard of Al-Rahma Gate building where they were able to reach it and pray throughout the day.

During the prayers, sit-ins and chanting slogans, the occupation forces and a group of police officers were present in the vicinity of worshipers, while the soldiers who were stationed at the top of Al-Rahma Gate monitored the worshipers and took pictures.