Including two Sheikhs and a girl…Arrests from Al-Aqsa Mosque and isolations
February 24, 2019


The Israeli occupation authorities arrested the released prisoner Abdel Rahman Mahmoud, a few hours after his release from the Negev desert prison, after spending 17 years in the occupation’s prison.

Amjad Abu Asab, head of the Jerusalemites prisoners’ committee, said that the occupation authorities arrested the freed prisoner Abdel Rahman Mahmoud, after his convoy was targeted during his trip to the city of Jericho.The Negev prison administration released the prisoner and the intelligence required to deport him from his residence in the village of Esawyeh for 10 days.

Amjad Abu Asab said that more than 10 police and intelligence vehicles intercepted the prisoner's convoy, searched all the vehicles and checked the identities of the passengers. Then, they arrested the released prisoner, his brother Mahmoud and his nephew, Mohammed Naser Mahmoud.

Releases and isolations from Al-Aqsa

The occupation police released Sheikh Abdul Azim Salhab, Chairman of the Awqaf Council and Deputy Director General of Jerusalem Endowments, Sheikh Najeh Bkeirat, and the guards of Al-Aqsa Arafat Najib, Samer Qabbani and Issam Najib on condition of isolation from Al-Aqsa for a week.

Sheikh Ra'ed Da'na and Nur Shalabi and Mohammad Zghayyarwere also handed over expulsion orders from Al-Aqsa for 6 months.

The Israeli occupation forces arrested Aya Abu Nab after leaving Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Naser Qos, director of Prisoner Club in Jerusalem, Ali Ajaj and Hosni al-Kilani, were released on condition of being isolated from Al-Aqsa for three days.