Pictures…landslides and cracks in Silwan due to digging tunnels
February 28, 2019

The heavy rainfall in the city of Jerusalem since revealed the results of tunneling in Wadi Hilweh neighborhood of Silwan.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center (Silwan) reported that the rain in Jerusalem revealed cracks, landslides and new cracks in the Wadi Hilweh neighborhood, as a result of ongoing Israeli excavations and accompanying dust dumps from the bottom of the neighborhood to complete the digging of the "tunnel network" reaching Al-Aqsa Mosque and Al-Buraq square to the west.

The center added that serious landslides occurred on Thursday in the walls of Wadi Hilweh playground and a parking lot in the neighborhood, in addition to landslidesin a land in the area. The center explained that the occupation’s authorities conduct drills and excavations day and night in this area using heavy and manual mechanisms heard around the clock. Nearby, large bags of dust are seen as being removed from underneath the neighborhood due to the excavations.

The center added in its statement that other landslides occurred in a private land belonging to the "Greek Orthodox Church" adjacent to the mosque "Ein Silwan", and used as parking for the vehicles of the residents of the neighborhood. The center pointed out that similar collapses occurred several months ago in the same place, and the occupation authorities pour concrete to hide the excavations.

The residents of Wadi Hilweh neighborhood described the winter season as "landslides season", where the effects of excavations in the neighborhood are revealed. The center said that the cracks are becoming more and more wide, and the Information Center warned of the danger of continued excavation work and emptying the soil from underneath Wadi Hilweh neighborhood. More than 70 houses in the neighborhood were damaged by the excavations, in addition to damage to the streets and lands.

The center pointed out that the residents of Wadi Hilweh went to the Israeli courts and demanded to stop the excavation work underneath the neighborhood, and demanded to take the necessary measures for the safety of the population and their property.

The center added that landslides occurred in several neighborhoods in the village of Silwan, including the collapse of a wall in Hosh Al-A’war, and in Ein Al-Lozeh resulting in the leakage of rainwater into several houses.

The center explained that the flow of water into the homes of citizens reflects the municipality’s neglect to the infrastructure in the Arab neighborhoods.