Israeli “procedures: department gives Siam family until the end of the current month to vacate their property in Silwan
March 11, 2019

The so-called Israeli action and procedures department recently gave the heirs of the late Mariam Abu Zweir a notice to vacate their property in Silwan in the city of Jerusalem. 
Wadi Hilweh Information Center / Silwan said that the court granted the family until the end of March to implement the decision to vacate the property located in the Wadi Hilweh neighborhood of Silwan. It consists of a house in which Mrs. Elham Siam and her four children live, in addition to a land of about half a dunum. The Israeli Magistrate court issued the eviction decision last December.
The occupation authorities' decisions on the property came before the ownership of the land was examined by the Israeli Supreme Court, which confirms that the land on which the house is built belongs to the late Jamil Siam and not to the late Zweir. Mahmoud Khalil, a resident in Chicago, in cooperation with a broker of his relatives, forged documents to facilitate the transfer of real estate to Elad settlement association. 
The sons of Munira and Fatima Siam, heirs of the late Abu Zweir, have been fighting in the Israeli courts for 22 years to protect the property and prove their ownership there, and to refute the claims of the Elad settlement association, which has struggled over the past years to seize the property.
Nihad Siam, one of the heirs, explained that the Elad is trying to control the property, whether through brokers or by buying shares from some of the heirs in the United States, in addition to demanding other shares to be classified as “property of absentee guardian”.
Siam explained that the property is 8 plots distributed as follows: (4 shares) which were “leaked” from the heirs in the United States, headed by Mahmoud Daoud Khalil, and (two shares) classified as "absentee guardian property" and (two shares) are for the late Munira and her sister Fatima.
Nihad Siam explained that the family is going to the court to stop and freeze the procedures for the evacuation, until the District Court discusses the appeal filed by the family on the eviction notice.