Opening Al-Aqsa- Arrests and deportations from the Old City of Jerusalem
March 13, 2019

The occupation authorities reopened Al-Aqsa Mosque, and dozens of worshipers performed the Dawn prayer inside it after it was closed for several hours.
The occupation forces arrested four Jerusalemites after they stormed their homes in the village of Esawyeh in Jerusalem, while the police decided to release three Jerusalemites on condition of being deported from the Old City of Jerusalem.
The forces arrested Khaled Abu Ghosh, Majd Ali Atta, Wassim Dari and Saleh Abu Asab.
On the other hand, Hilweh Information Center’s lawyer for Minors Mohammad Mahmoud said that the police decided to release Ahmad Hadreh, Mohammad al-Julani and Rashad Saeed, on condition of deportation from the Old City for 60 days.
On Tuesday evening, the occupation forces released Mohammed Ibrahim Jabsheh, Hani Nasser and Khaled Salhab Abdul Qader Khader, as the center's lawyer, Razan Jo’beh, explained