Withdrawing the residency of two Jerusalemite prisoners…banning two men from travelling
April 14, 2019


The Minister of Interior of the occupation’s government issued a decision to withdraw the "residency" of two Jerusalemite prisoners.

The decision to withdraw the residency included Ishaq Arafeh, who is serving a life sentence and 60 years, and a detainee since 2011, and the Jerusalemite prisoner Munir Rajabi, who is serving a 20-year sentence and has been detained since 2003.

On the other hand, the occupation authorities handed over the Jerusalemites Jihad Qos and Mohammed Hashlamon decisions to prevent them from traveling abroad for 6 months.

On Sunday evening, the Israeli authorities released the governor of Jerusalem, Adnan Ghaith, on condition of house-arrest and not to communicate with the staff of the governorate for a week, and a bail of NIS 1000; he was arrested at dawn from his house in Silwan.

On Sunday evening, the Musta’ribeen individuals (undercover police unit) arrested two youths after storming the Shu'fat refugee camp in Jerusalem.