“Dance of flags” march…injuries and arrests
June 2, 2019


On Sunday evening, a Palestinian woman was injured and another one was arrested during the annual "dance of flags" march to mark the anniversary of the occupation of the eastern part of Jerusalem.

The Palestinian Red Crescent said that its crew dealt with the injury of a 28-year-old girl after she was severely beating. She was injured in the head by the occupation forces in the area of Herods Gate in​​Jerusalem, and was transferred to Al-Maqased Hospital.

The red Crescent explained that the police prevented ambulances from entering the perimeter of the Old City, which made it difficult to reach the injured person.

The occupation forces arrested Ms. Hala Abu Gharbiya from Damascus Gate, after lifting the Palestinian flag during the march of Israeli flags.

The march of the settlers initiated from the streets of West Jerusalem towards East Jerusalem, and passed through the areas of Jaffa Gate, New Gate, Damascus Gate, Lions Gate and Dung Gate. Through these gates, the settlers stormed the Old City reaching Al-Buraq Square, where they held prayers and celebrations of this day. The formed singing and dancing rings, raised Israeli flags and chanted slogans against Al-Aqsa Mosque as well as provocative slogans and racist expressions against Palestinians.

During the march, the occupation authorities closed several main streets in the city of Jerusalem, adjacent to the Old City, and prevented the passage of private vehicles and buses through them, and placed iron barriers to prevent Jerusalemites from access to some streets on foot.

The occupation forces pursued the Jerusalemites in Nablus Street and Sultan Suleiman Street, and prevented their presence, and assaulted them with pushing, and arrested the freed prisoner Sundos Obeid.