Corona virus preventive measures … summons and conditional releases
April 15, 2020

The occupation police released two Jerusalemite activists from Silwan, on condition of a five-day house arrest, and not to communicate between each other and signing of a financial guarantee.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center stated that the occupation police in O’z police station released the secretary of the Fatah movement in Silwan Ahmad Al-Abbasi and Shadi Sumrein, after summoning them for investigation twice within hours.

Ahmed Al-Abbasi said that his investigation focused on "his presence in a place where samples were taken and examined in Silwan, under the supervision of the Palestinian Ministry of Health, and about using the media to invite the townspeople to come to the site and take the corona virus test." He confirmed that he was passing in the area of Wadi Hilweh while heading home, and entered the hall where tests were being conducted, and he did the test. Upon leaving, he was interviewed, during which he spoke about the conditions of the village.

Al-Abbasi added that the forces summoned him by phone, then stormed his house while he was not present, and then called him again and asked him to come to the investigation on Tuesday.He was interrogated for several hours about the aforementioned, and then released on the terms of "house arrest and signing a bail in addition to preventing communication with officials with authority”,without giving names.”

Al-Abbasi said that after few hours, the intelligence services summoned him again to investigate him about the same matter, then threatened to extend his detention. After the detention, he was issued a fine on the pretext of "taking the corona virus tests and his presence in the place."