Names…A large-scale arrest campaign from Al-Aqsa and its vicinity to secure the settlers’ incursions
July 18, 2021

On Sunday, the occupation forces carried out a massive arrest campaign from Al-Aqsa Mosque and its surroundings, coinciding with the settlers’ storming of Al-Aqsa and their march on its gates.

The lawyer of the Wadi Hilweh Information Center - Jerusalem, Firas Al-Jabrini, explained that he monitored the arrest of 30 people from Al-Aqsa and the roads of the Old City of Jerusalem, and the streets adjacent to the city. Most of the detainees were transferred to "Al-Qishla" police station for investigation.

Al-Jabrini added that among the detainees were 3 women, including Ms. Aida Al-Sidawi, who was arrested two days ago and summoned for interrogation today, and she remained in the center from morning hours until afternoon, and handed a decision to deport her from Al-Aqsa for a period of 6 months, Suha Eid and Aya Abu Nab were also released, on condition deportation from Al-Aqsa for a week and coming again for investigation as soon as the deportation ends, for the possibility of renewing it.

Al-Jabrini added that 10 detainees were from cities and villages inside the Palestinian 1948 territories.

He explained that the detainees were beaten during detention, and they showed bruises and sign of assault.

Lawyer Al-Jabrini added that the detainees are:

1. Aida Al-Sidawi “Summoned for investigation”

2. Aya Abu Nab

3. Suha Eid

4. Mohammad Haitham Al-Natsheh

5. Basil Abu Al-Heija

6. Musa Al-Julani

7. Nabil Sarhan

8. Majd al-Din Abu Talib

9. Tariq Abu Anas

10. Mahmoud Abu Laila

11. Ibrahim Hijazi

12. Hamza Shaar

13. Majd Qaddah

14. Muhammad Abu al-Heija

15. Mohamed Azzam

16. Moaz Mohammadi

17. Mohammad Mahajneh

18. Haitham Amira

19. Nasser Shweiki

20. Issam Qutob

21. Youssef Mahajneh

22. Youssef Skafi

23. Hassan Awad

24. Mamoun Abbasi

25. Hamza Shweiki

26. Samer Kurdi

27. Abdullah Ajrab

28. Ahmed Darwish

29. YehyaShalabi

30. Ashraf Nassar

31. Dia Jaradat

32. Mahmoud Awad