Pictures…The Abulhawa family self-demolishes its residential apartment
July 27, 2021

On Tuesday, the Abulhawa family self-demolished their residential apartment in the village of al-Tur by a decision of the occupation authorities, in order to avoid paying a fine.

Mohammad Amin Abulhawa explained that the occupation authorities issued a decision to demolish two apartments for the family in al-Tur, where construction began two years ago, and one apartment was completely built and prepared for housing next September, while the second apartment is being finished from the inside.

Abulhawa added that the occupation authorities stormed the house during Eid al-Adha, demanded the demolition of the two apartments, and gave the family until early August to implement the decision.

Abulhawa added that they went to the court and were able to freeze the demolition of the apartment ready for housing, while the second apartment needed to be demolished.

He said: "The most difficult thing is to demolish the house that we built with our own hands, but we have no choice. The occupation wants to displace us from our homes. We are steadfast in our land and homeland."