Sheikh Jarrah – Confiscating a 5-dunom land
December 13, 2021

On Monday, the occupation authorities confiscated a land of about 5 dunums in area, in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of Jerusalem, under the pretext of “public benefit.”

Since the early morning hours, the occupation bulldozers began razing and digging the land, after forcing its owners and tenants to evict it.

The land, located at the entrance to "Karam Al-Jaouni" in Sheikh Jarrah, is owned by: Jarallah, Odeh, Mansour, Obeidat, and the Nassar families, which have been rented for 10 years and have a car wash, a parking for tourist buses and containers used as offices.

On Sunday, the Nassar family emptied the entire contents of the land and vacated it, after threatening and giving them a deadline until three in the morning to implement the eviction decision, or the staff of the “Procedure and Implementation Department” will did so, pointing out that the court gave them until the middle of this month to evict the land.

Kamal Obeidat explained that the municipality tried to confiscate the land several years ago, and its owners were able to overturn the decision in the District Court, but after appealing it, the District Court agreed to confiscate the land as well as the Supreme Court.

Obeidat added that the municipality and the company "Mahi Arab Hotels" demanded the confiscation of the land under the pretext of "public benefit".