Settlers attempt to confiscate a land…demolishing 3 houses
December 15, 2021

On Wednesday, settlers attempted to confiscate a plot of land in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of Jerusalem, while the Nassar family demolished 3 of its homes by a decision of the Supreme Court "to confiscate the land under the pretext of public benefit."

The Salem family explained that the settlers placed iron poles and wires in the vicinity of a land opposite their house and belonging to them, which has an area of ​​about half a dunum. They also tried to cut the olive trees planted in the yard, had the residents not confronted them.

The family added that the police came to the place and demanded that the settlers stop the work, during which the Salem family put a table and chairs on the land to protect it from confiscation.

The Salem family added: "The Department of Procedure and Implementation" issued a decision to evict them from their home under the pretext of ownership of the land before 1948. The family was given until 29/122021 to implement the decision. Three families live in the house; " Mrs. Fatima, her son Ibrahim, his wife and daughter, and her son Khalil."

In the morning, the Nassar family self-demolished their homes in Silwan.

The family explained that the municipality forced them to demolish their homes, and the court gave them until the end of this month to implement the decision, otherwise the municipality would do so and they would have to pay 80,000 shekels “demolition fees” for each house.

The family added that they emptied 3 of their homes and demolished them, while the remaining 4 homes are awaiting demolition, "according to the court's decision."

The family added that 12 years ago, the municipality issued demolition orders and held several sessions until the Supreme Court issued a decision to confiscate the land and demolish the homes.